English Conversation Program (ECP)

Inspirer is English Medium School hence all students and teachers must converse in English. School should discourage conversation in any other language. Principal is the owner of English as medium of communication in the school. The ECP enables school to achieve this important task.

Silent Features

  • To enable students speak English fluently in short span of time
  • To convert school in English Medium School in true sense
  • After 6 months all teachers and students must converse in English
  • Non-teaching staff should also speak in English
  • To enable students express their views very effectively in Urdu and English
  • To enable students excel in writing
  • To inculcate writing habit among students
Price: 50 $
Early Bird Price: 45 $
Group Price: 300 $
Early Bird Group Price: 300 $
Minimum nr of persons in a Group: 500
Tickets available: 250